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Redeemed Pt3: Covering

Pastor Rob preaches through Chapter 3 of this series and shows how we are both the redeemed and the redeeming; showing the loving kindness demonstrated to us by Christ who would not rest until we were redeemed.
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Redeemed Pt2: Making an impact without knowing it

Pastor Rob teaches from Ruth 2. Even though a Moabite, Boaz provides for Ruth and prays a prayer of blessing in her life for her demonstrated faithfulness. In the same way – we are all foreigners, provided for by our redeemer, who wished to bless us as we take refuge under...
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Redeemed Pt1: Call me Bitter

As we begin our study of The Book OF Ruth we learn in the context of famine and loss, Naomi has been made bitter and is unable to see hope in the coming harvest. In the same way there will be times in all of our lives when we experience grief and pain and should acknowledge that...
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