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During this time, all of our House Church groups are meeting online, and we would love for you to join us! To get started, fill out our Get Connected card (click here), and we will be in touch.

If you are unsure about using technology, let us brag about one of our “older” House Churches for a minute: This group, whose members are almost entirely over 70, were one of the first to get setup online, and have had a fantastic turnout every week! In what is a time of increased isolation and hardship, this group provides meaningful community to one another, and they have a lot of fun too! Plus, there is even a phone-in option for those without a computer.

So there you have it. Joining a House Church is for everyone. And we’re here to help you get connected.

For now, fill out this form, or call 416-244-7102, and we will be in touch soon!

The Capstone House Church Team


House Church

At Capstone, we believe getting involved in a House Church is vital for our personal and communal life and faith.

In House Church, we find meaningful and regular community with a smaller group of people; through discussion and questions, we build on the teaching from our Sunday morning sermons; as we gather, we spend time sharing with one another and praying for each others’ needs; as we’re able, we go out and serve our community, and also serve one another; when we struggle, we lean on each other; when we rejoice, we celebrate together; and in all things, we aim to grow in faith and Christian love, ever pointing each other to Jesus.

How Do I Get Connected?

At Capstone, we now have 11 House Churches meeting on various nights of the week. Generally, we recommend you look to connect with a group closer to where you live, but there are many who are happy to commute further!

To start, take a look at the list below to see which locations and nights might work for you. You can click on the names of our House Church hosts to see their address on a map.

Once you’ve had a chance to look these over, the next step is to fill out the Get Connected Form (click here), and we’ll be in touch shortly after with more information!

If you have any questions about House Church or just want more general information, contact us at: or call 416-244-7102

House Churches at Capstone

Sorted by Night of the Week

Ruscoe House Church
Sunday nights at 6:30pm
At the home of Elwood & Lorraine Holmes (12 Ruscoe Crescent, Etobicoke)

Sherway Gardens / Rexdale House Church
Monday nights at 6:30pm (rotating locations)
At the homes of:
Scott & Natalie Knight (219 Beta St, Etobicoke)
Trevor & Patty Russell (5 Barwell Crescent, Etobicoke)
Note: This group is kid-friendly!

Kingsway House Church
Monday nights at 7:00pm
At the home of Mark & Madolyn Osborne (28 Princess Anne Crescent, Etobicoke)

Streetsville House Church
Monday nights at 8:30pm
At the home of Andrew and Rochelle Bragg (128 Bonham Blvd., Mississauga)

Richview House Church
Tuesday nights at 7:00pm
At the home of Alicia & Darrin Henein (34 Downpatrick Crescent, Etobicoke)

Wedgewood Young Adults House Church
Tuesday nights at 7:00pm
At the home of Vivian & Jay Lee (5 Rockfield Dr., Etobicoke)

Rockwood Village House Church
Tuesday nights at 7:30pm
At the home of Joan & Art Wanuch (1740 Bough Beeches Blvd, Mississauga)

Applewood House Church
Wednesday nights at 7:00pm
At the home of Jeff & Joanne Jackson (2126 Harvest Dr., Mississauga)

Eringate House Church (Formerly Michael Power Place)
Wednesday nights at 7:00pm
At the home of Es & Nathan Kim (93 Rangoon Rd., Etobicoke)

Alderwood House Church
Thursday nights at 7:30pm
At the home of Wayne & Lynda Palmer (12 Mitcham Dr., Etobicoke)

To Join a House Church, Click Here and Fill Out Our Get Connected Form!