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HOUSE CHURCH QUESTIONS (based on the Message for Sunday, April 8, 2018)

Jezebel had threatened Elijah’s life, and he had fled. He was sustained by God’s provisions, and he ended up alone and distraught, hiding out in a cave on the mountain of Horeb.

Scripture Reading: 1 Kings 19:9-18

•Elijah’s response to God in verse 10 indicates that he seemed to forget the miraculous victory he had witnessed and experienced on Mount Carmel (see 1 Kings 18 for a refresher). His fear and self-pity had overwhelmed his ability to remember what God had done, and was doing. Has there been a time when you can relate to Elijah here? What happened, and what was the outcome?

•Coming from the events on Mount Carmel, what do you think God was now trying to teach Elijah through the strong wind, the earthquake, the fire, and finally His presence in the low whisper? How do you relate to this teaching today?

•What evidence is there that Elijah didn’t truly understand what God was trying to teach him here? What was likely speaking more loudly in Elijah’s mind at this time?

•A low whisper isn’t always something that’s comfortable to hear; sometimes we have to strain to make it out. What are some ways listening to God’s whisper is a challenge for you? Are there “noises” in your life you could give up in order to hear Him more clearly?

•In verse 15, God starts out by saying, “Go back the way you came…” What’s the implicit challenge for Elijah here? When was a time you were called to be obedient to God’s instruction despite your inner turmoil over it? How did you respond to this? What role did God’s low whisper play for you here?

•Take some time to pray for Capstone, that we would be a community that strains to hear the soft whisper of God to strengthen our relationships with Him, and that we would be prepared for obedience to His calling.

HOUSE CHURCH QUESTIONS (based on the Message for Sunday, April 1, 2018)

Lent – a time of anticipation and spiritual preparation, marked by personal and community reflection and penitence (grieving of sins).
Easter Weekend – remembering Jesus’ death and celebrating His triumphant rise from the grave.
Ascension Day – the 40th day of Easter; celebrating Jesus’ return to Heaven.
Pentecost Sunday – the 50th and last day of Easter; celebrating the sending of the Holy Spirit to Jesus’ Apostles on Earth.

As Christians, we are invited to take part in a larger narrative of life – God’s story, to which there are many themes, beliefs, lessons, and doctrines. This week, we look at what is at the very core of this larger story; everything about Christianity boils down to the “good news,” which Paul reminds us of in his first letter to the church at Corinth.

Scripture Reading: 1 Corinthians 15:1-11

Q1: What do you think Paul means when he says the gospel is that “on which you have taken your stand” (verse 1)? Think of some examples of “taking a stand.” What images come to mind? (“O Captain, my Captain!”) What has “taking a stand” for the gospel looked like in your life?

Q2: 1 Peter 3:15 encourages Christ-followers to “always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect…”

If you were riding the TTC and a stranger next to you asked you to describe Christianity to them, what would be your reply?
•Would it be brief or lengthy?
•What aspects would you absolutely want to cover?
•Would you use Scripture?
•Would you contextualize it to today’s world?
•Would there be parts you would emphasize (or de-emphasize)?
•Would you spend time apologizing on behalf of others? e.g. “Let’s start with what it’s not…”

Q3: Why do you think Paul places such an emphasis on reminding the church of Jesus’ death and resurrection (and surrounding events) – assuming it’s not because we’re likely to forget!

Q4: If you were to take the concept of “muscle memory” and apply it to your knowledge and understanding of the Gospel, how would this impact…
•Your day-to-day life?
•Your testimony to others?
•Your prayer life?

Q5: What is your prayer this week as you contemplate the Cross?

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