Alive in Christ. Transformed for Mission.

The Capstone Board of Directors and Elders have been paying close attention to the increase of COVID-19 cases in our community and are endeavouring to understand the current by-laws as presented by both the Federal and Provincial governments.

At this time, the Board and Elders believe it is best for us as a church to move the majority of our programming to an online platform. Any programs that desire to meet in person will need to contact the office in order to ensure that all safety measures are followed. These events will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

In addition we are exploring the possibility of paring back those involved in our Sunday morning live stream to reduce the number of people present in the Capstone Building at any given time. The Board of Directors and Elders have decided that Capstone Ministries will err on the side of caution by refraining from meeting in-person for our Sunday morning worship service.

As Capstone Leadership, we want to express our sincerest thanks for the support we have received from all of you. These are unprecedented times in church leadership and your love and support for us has made these challenges much less difficult to navigate. We are confident that God is in control and we will continue to pray for guidance and direction.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the office at