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The Water’s Fine

Every Saturday, my kids go to their swimming lessons.  My job as a Dad is very simple: get them ready and read a book while they swim. I always take time away from my reading to watch their progress. This week, what stood out to me is how fearless kids are when they jump into the...
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My Life Verse

There is a thing that many Christians do.  It is neither a bad thing nor a good thing…just a thing.  This thing, however, can often be misguided and good for nothing more than a daily pick-me-up from the bible.  This thing is what we Christians call our “life verse”. A life verse...
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10 things that Christians should stop saying Christians should stop saying

I don’t actually have 10 things to say, but in recent months I have noticed a trend in the Christian blogisphere.  Article after article is being produced with a list of what Christians should stop doing or saying.  The movement is a response, I believe, to things that this...
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