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Camp Capstone 2021

Updated: August 6th

Note: We are experiencing email issues, so if you don’t hear from us, please call the Capstone Ministries office at: 416-244-7102.


(New) Extended Waiver Form

If you have registered for Camp Capstone, make sure to complete our new extended waiver form (released July 25th). You can fill out one form per family (even if your children are attending different weeks).

Click here for the extended waiver form.


COVID Self-Screening Form

In order to check-in at camp each morning, you will need to provide proof of the COVID Self-Screening Form. Please complete this every day before you arrive, and then show the green check-mark at the welcome desk.
A little tip: The form doesn’t save once you close your phone browser. To avoid losing it, just take a screenshot.

Click here for the self-screening form


“Top 10” Safety Guidelines

#1 – Masks & Distancing
Masks are required at our program when a distance of 6 feet cannot be kept, with the key exception being for participants during sports/physical activities outdoors. This applies to all participants, parents/guardians, and staff/volunteers.

#2 – Hand Hygiene
All participants must use sanitizer when entering & exiting. We also ask that participants and volunteers avoid handshakes, high-fives, etc…

#3 – Limiting Numbers of Parents/Guardians
As much as possible, only one parent/guardian should come to the welcome desk to sign-in/out your child.

#4 – Arrival & Sign-In
Plan to arrive a few minutes early, as everything will take longer this summer! When you arrive, please be mindful of other cars moving in the parking lot. Make your way to the welcome desk and wait in line to sign in.

#5 – Sign-Out & Leaving
When camp is finished, please sign out by the welcome desk. If you need to leave early, please give us a heads-up.

#6 – Water Bottles
Every camper is required to have water to stay safe in the summer heat! Please provide a water bottle for your child and write their name on it. They should keep their water bottle and masks in a bag so it does not get misplaced or lost. You may even want to send two bottles of water, as it gets very hot some days! Hats and sunscreen are also encouraged.

# 7 – Identifying Staff/Volunteers
All of our staff/volunteers will have a name-tag. Please speak with your children about this, letting them know to only speak with adults who are wearing a camp name-tag (many will also have camp staff shirt).

#8 – Food/Snacks
We are not providing any snacks or meals at camp this summer. Campers taking part in full-day camp (weeks 1 and 3) are required to bring their own bagged lunch and two snacks ( for morning and afternoon).
Those in week 2 for the half-day camp should come with a snack but not lunch.
No peanut products please!

#9 – What to Wear
Please provide your child with clothing appropriate for their selected activities (e.g. sportswear or clothes for arts and crafts). We recommend providing a school back-pack for all their gear, with everything labeled.

#10 – COVID Self-Screening Form (Online):
Every morning, all participants, staff, and volunteers must complete the online COVID self-screening form before entering camp. The form is available from our website, and you must show the green check-mark at sign-in each morning. For questions about this contact 416-244-7102.