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- Posted on 13 Sep 2018, Pastor: Rob Cripps

Welcome to Capstone Community Bible Church!

Join us on Sunday mornings at our Royal York Campus in Central Etobicoke at 1483 Royal York Road. Prayer begins at 9:30 a.m., and coffee, worship & teaching begins at 10:30 a.m. Nursery and Capstone Kids are provided for children ages 0-12.

For individuals, couples and families in South Etobicoke, we are excited to launch a NEW Lakeshore Campus at Lakeshore Collegiate Institute on Sundays at 9:30 a.m. starting on April 1, 2018!

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Our latest sermon series is called “We Have a Message”, a study in the Book of Acts …

Vi-ral: “spreading or becoming popular very quickly through communication from one person to another.”

The word “viral” has been altered in our world today to carry more than one meaning. What was once used to describe a type of biological infection, viral can now mean the passing of information. It is the passing of one thing (sickness, information or image) to another quickly. We have come to know many viral movements in the last decade thanks to the internet. But with every viral movement comes the knowledge that it won’t last. Inevitably, we move quickly to the next post that peaks our interest.

After the ascension of Christ, a movement begins that quickly goes viral. It begins in Jerusalem, but would soon travel to the ends of the earth. The movement is simple: Jesus Christ, who was crucified and buried, was raised to life on the third day for the forgiveness of sin. Now his followers, empowered by the very Spirit of God, are entrusted with this message.

This same movement and the message is not yet complete. In fact, we are still a part of the movement that took place so long ago. We, like the early church, have a message. And now that message has been entrusted to our generation to preach and teach to the ends of the earth. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, the church has the good news of the gospel. It’s time to see that message go viral once again.

Recent Sermons

We Have a Message Pt9 – No Time To Wait

Posted on 13 Sep 2018, Pastor: Rob Cripps
ACTS 9:20-25
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We Have a Message Pt8 – Building a Movement

Posted on 27 Jul 2018, Pastor: Rob Cripps
ACTS 6:1-7
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We Have a Message Pt7 Faking Faith

Posted on 11 Jul 2018, Pastor: Rob Cripps
ACTS 4:32-5:11
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Hearts of Sponge

Conservation of Vengeance I’m sure you recognize the object in the picture above, but can you put a name to it? It’s known as “Newton’s Cradle”.  Other than doctors’ offices and old-time parlours, they are hard to come across these days....
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Un-learning to Fly

Working our way through the Old Testament, and particularly the Judges, it becomes painfully obvious that the patriarchs and heroes of our faith are anything but perfect. Abraham slept with his servant to expedite God’s promise of offspring, Jacob deceived his father,...
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