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HOUSE CHURCH QUESTIONS (based on the Message for Sunday, June 18-17)

1. What praises do you have to share this week? What are some ways God is moving in your life, the lives of those close to you, and within our community? In your groups or alone, take some time to acknowledge our God who moves.

This week, we continued Gideon’s story, and how God prepared the way for the defeat of the Midianites. After Gideon’s own testing of God’s power, God, in return, puts Gideon through His own testing; God makes it clear that victory only comes through His power.

Scripture Reading: Judges 7:1-15

2. God’s first instruction to Gideon is to send home any Israelite who “trembles with fear” over the upcoming battle, and roughly 2/3 of the people got up and left! Has there been a time when your own fears have challenged your ability to see God’s power or goodness? How did God remind you or surprise you in this situation?

3. Imagine an army of 300 versus an army “thick as locusts” and with so many camels (mounts) that they could not be counted any more than the sand on the seashore. What kind of faith would it take to remain in that company of 300? What encouragement do you think these 300 had for each other as they faced seemingly impossible odds? Sometimes, as Christians, we struggle with the sheer magnitude of the world’s brokenness and sin; it can feel oppressive. What encouragement can we offer to those among us who struggle with doubt or hopelessness?

4. When Gideon overheard the Midianite’s dream and his friend’s interpretation, his fears were instantly lifted and his belief in God’s power returned. Have you ever had this kind of “A-ha!” moment when your knowledge of God was confirmed in a deep and impactful way? How did Gideon respond to this moment, and was it similar to or different from your own experience?

5. Why do you think Gideon did not accept the signs given by God, but listened to the Midianite?

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