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HOUSE CHURCH QUESTIONS (based on the Message for Sunday, Sept. 24-17)


1. What is one idea/facet/question about Christianity that has been difficult to wrap your head around?

2. How do you tend to approach someone who has strong differences in their own understanding or interpretation of the Bible? What do you like about the approach you use?

The Word of Life

This week we start our study of 1 John, a letter likely written by the apostle, John, the author of the fourth Gospel. Though he is unnamed in the Gospel of John, he is likely to have been the “beloved disciple” who sat next to Jesus at the Last Supper; stood with Mary at the foot of the Cross; witnessed the empty tomb along with Peter; and ate breakfast with the risen Christ at a campfire on the shore. John was a firsthand witness to these things, and affirms such in the prologue of his First Letter to surrounding churches, written to early Christians sometime in the last third of the first century A.D.

Scripture Reading: 1 John 1:1-4

1. Why do you think John repeatedly talks about what he has “heard,” “seen,” and touched” regarding Jesus? Hint: he was likely talking to second or third generation Christians.

2. What do you think is more compelling when it comes to our faith journey – a logical argument or a personal testimony? Why?

3. If you had to explain Christianity to a stranger between one bus stop to the next, how would you do it? What key messages would you want to cover? How might this reading help with this?

4. When the first Lord of the Rings movie became a huge box office hit in the winter of 2001, many Christians celebrated it because, among other things, the word ‘Fellowship’ was back! How do you define Fellowship (v.3)? What value do you place on Fellowship in your life, and what does it look like? This word may be especially valuable to reflect on as our House Church groups start meeting again.

5. Verse 4 says the reason for writing these things is “so that our joy may be complete.” What does complete joy look like here, according to John?


How can these themes – testimony, fellowship, and joy – inform your prayer time this week?

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