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- Posted on 14 Nov 2017, Pastor: Rob Cripps

Welcome to Capstone Community Bible Church!

Please join us on Sundays for prayer at 9:30 a.m., and worship and teaching at 10:30 a.m. Additionally, our House Churches are held at various locations during the week.

CURRENT SERIES – My Throne. My Kingdom. A study in the Book of Judges

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Love is Greater Pt7 – Complete Love

Posted on 14 Nov 2017, Pastor: Rob Cripps
1 JOHN 4:13-18
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Love is Greater Pt6 – Love In Action

Posted on 02 Nov 2017, Pastor: Rob Cripps
1 JOHN 3:11-18
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Love is Greater Pt5 – Transforming Knowledge Into Action

Posted on 24 Oct 2017, Pastor: Rob Cripps
1 JOHN 2:28–3:10
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Hearts of Sponge

Conservation of Vengeance I’m sure you recognize the object in the picture above, but can you put a name to it? It’s known as “Newton’s Cradle”.  Other than doctors’ offices and old-time parlours, they are hard to come across these days....
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Un-learning to Fly

Working our way through the Old Testament, and particularly the Judges, it becomes painfully obvious that the patriarchs and heroes of our faith are anything but perfect. Abraham slept with his servant to expedite God’s promise of offspring, Jacob deceived his father,...
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